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All-rounder male helpers for everyday tasks

Get your house cleaned & have your errands taken care of

Available in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Lahore

Starting at Rs 380 per hour

All rounder errand boy helper available for you house hold chores in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Lahore.

Let us help you with your last minute domestic emergency

Our professional errand boys will help you with your chores inside and outside the home. These multitaskers can clean your home and run errands or fetch items for you from the nearby market.

An errand boy’s tasks include cleaning your house thoroughly and picking up your groceries or dry cleaning.

If you're in the middle of cooking and the recipes call for more ingredients, just book a Mauqa errands boy. He will get your groceries and also clean up the kitchen afterwards so you can relax

Why book a Mauqa Online errand boy?

Save time and effort

If chores around the house are piling up or you are too caught up with your busy schedule to do grocery shopping and other pending chores, then you can simply book a Mauqa Errand Boy while sitting in the comfort of your home and leave all the chores to our helper.

Flexibility to suit your schedule

We can customize the booking to suit you. You can choose your days and timings and pay online. If you’d like the same errand boy each time, our team can arrange that for you.

Health & safety

Your safety and security comes first. In these times, all our errand boys have been trained to follow safety protocols as advised by WHO such as:

  • wearing a mask, gloves and washing hands once they enter a customer's house
  • following social distancing norms


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Download the Mauqa Online app