What services do you provide?

The services we provide are cleaning, laundry, ironing, cooking, babysitting and elderly care taking.

How does a customer place a booking?

The customer can place a booking through our Mauqa Online app, which is available on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

How are your services different from normal domestic help?

We provide verified and trained domestic helpers (like maids, cooks, babysitters, cleaners, etc.) for a few hours. We are an on-demand service and come to the rescue of customers when they need an extra set of hands at home to help out.

Do we offer permanent helpers?

We do not offer full-time helpers or permanent helpers to our customers. However, customers can call us at 051-7080309 to make a recurring booking for as long as they want. We will also be launching monthly packages soon to make recurring bookings even more accessible.

What are your working hours?

Our helpers are available from 8am-8pm. If you require a helper beyond the regular hours, please call our helpline (051-7080309) for a booking.

How is a full day booking different from a normal booking?

A full day booking is Rs. 1,750 (from 9:30 am to 5:30pm ) we are flexible with the start time as long as the total duration is 8 hours or less), whereas normal bookings are Rs. 250 per hour for a minimum duration of two hours.

Which areas do you offer these services to?

We offer these services in Islamabad and Rawalpindi at the moment.

What is the minimum booking time?

Customers can book for a minimum booking duration of 2 hours unless they reside in the following areas:

-Bahria Phase 7, 8, 9

-Bani Gala

-H-11, E-10, I-11, G-14, G-15, G-16

-Bahira Enclave

-Askari 11

-PIA Colony


-minimum booking time for cooking is 3 hours in the 2 hour booking region.

Do you offer pick and drop to your helpers?

We will provide pick and drop for all helpers. The customer is not required to provide pick and drop (unless they live in a gated community where our riders cannot enter to pick up the helpers).

What are your transport charges?

The transport charges are included in the Rs. 250/hour rate. You do not pay anything extra. However, in case of rain, we charge a rain surcharge of Rs. 250 for the job to provide safe and efficient transport to the helper.

What is a rain transport charge?

We provide transport for our helpers and try to do so on a cost effective basis. However, if a car is arranged to either transport your helper to or from your home, we will charge a onetime Rs. 250 rain transport charge.

Where do you hire your helpers from?

We hire helpers from across Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Are your helpers verified?

Yes, the CNIC of the helper is verified with NADRA and their digital thumbprints are recorded. Our team visits the residence of the helper as well.

What is the quality level of helping staff?

All of our helping staff has been trained by the Mauqa Online team to provide a high standard of work.

What is the quality level for cooks?

Our cooks are well experienced in making regular/staple Pakistani dishes. They do not hold any professional qualifications and have not been trained to perform at the level of a chef.

What is the quality level for your chefs?

Our chefs are experts at making a number of cuisines such as Chinese, Italian, Continental, etc. for parties and large gatherings. If a customer would like to have a specific dish prepared or would like to discuss the menu, they can call us 051-7080309.

What do I need to do before the helpers arrive?

While we have stringent security checks in place for all our helpers, we still instruct all our customers to keep their cash and valuables locked away when our helpers are working at their premises. Also ensure that a female is present in the house if a female helper is coming.

Can I ask my helper to do multiple tasks?

Yes, you may ask the helper to do as many chores and tasks within the duration of the booking. For example, if you book a cleaner who is also a cook, then you ask him/her to do both cleaning and cooking as long as it falls within the duration of the booking.

Do you have helpers under the age of 18 years?

No, all our helpers are aged 18 or above. A requirement for joining Mauqa Online is having a valid CNIC, which is not issued before the age of 18.

Do you have helpers belonging to a particular ethnicity or religion or who speak a particular language?

The majority of our helpers are Pakistani and can speak Urdu. In the interest of fairness, we do not disclose the religion or ethnicity of our helpers.

Are the helpers supposed to get a break and if yes, for how long?

We request customers to give the helpers a 15 minute after every 2 hours of work. This will ensure that our helpers can continue to work effectively and serve you well for longer duration bookings.

Does the helper bring his/her own equipment and supplies?

Helpers only come with an apron and gloves. The customer is to provide the cleaning equipment.

Are we allowed to tip the helpers?

Tipping is entirely optional for the customer, but in case the customer does tip, it will definitely be appreciated.

What happens if I am not satisfied with the way something was not done by the helper?

Your feedback is very important to us. Based on the customer�s feedback, we will re-train and re-test the helpers.

Do I have a preference to choose between a male helper and a female helper?

Yes, we do give you an option to choose between the gender. In case you choose a female helper, please ensure that a female is present in your house when the helper arrives.

If I want a specific helper, can I book him/her?

Yes, if the requested helper is available, they can be assigned to your particular booking. You will need to call the helpline to confirm the booking.

How do I give feedback to the helper/rate the helper?

At the end of a job, you can always rate the helper and give feedback on the app. If you would like discuss something in more detail, you can always reach us at [email protected]

If I do not want a specific helper, can I request not to send him/her?

Yes, you can notify us of that particular helper by through the rating system in the app or write to us at [email protected] We will add that helper to an �unwanted helper list� against your customer profile, ensuring they aren�t assigned to you and are sent for re-training.

Will I always get the same helper?

No, available helpers are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

What if something is damaged or stolen by your helper?

We instruct our customers to keep cash and valuables locked away when our helpers are working at their premises. While we have stringent security checks in place for all our helpers, Mauqa Online is not liable in case of theft or loss.

How do I pay?

You can either pay the helper directly or opt for the online transfer method. Details are mentioned below:

Bank: Meezan Bank
Account Title: Mauqa Online Pvt Ltd
Account Number: 03080103011556

Please put[email protected] as the beneficiary email address so we get a direct confirmation from your bank.

Once the transfer has been made, the amount will be adjusted against your balance within one working day.

Do I have to make a payment on the same day of the job or can I make it later?

You can make the payment later as long as you do it within the same week. However, if your outstanding balance exceeds Rs. 3000, we will not be able to serve you until your dues are cleared.

What are the cancellation charges?

Time until start of jobCancellation charges
24 hours or moreNone
Over 2 hours; less than 24 hoursRs. 250
2 hours or lessFull booking charges

What is a credit applied?

In case you have a positive or negative balance carried forward from previous bookings, it will be applied on the next and adjusted in the invoice as �credit applied�.

How do I register a complaint?

You may call us at our customer service helpline: 051-7080308 or drop us an email at [email protected] and our team will reach out to you as soon as possible.

What is your refund policy?

For bookings with the payment made in advance, if the helper does not show up for the job or the booking is cancelled for any reason, then the amount will be credited into the customer�s account and will be used for the next booking.

I am interested in working for you. How do I apply?

You may contact us at 0310-4765444 or drop drop us an email at [email protected], and our team will reach out to you.