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What we do

Almost every interaction on the internet assumes the user is literate. Think about it, this very page you’re reading holds no meaning to somebody who cannot read or write. Same goes for Facebook, Google, Uber, all healthcare apps, all literacy promoting websites, every bit of online information. Even a YouTube video search assumes literacy!

At Mauqa.Online (“mauqa” means opportunity in Urdu), we aim to bring the benefits of the internet to all the 700 million illiterate adults across the world. We do so by creating a set of APIs that help translate any website or mobile app to an interface that has absolutely no text on it.

(A visual is worth a thousand unwritten words)

Our friends

We recently won Stanford University’s Social Innovation Fellowship

We’re also part of the awesome National Incubation Center in Islamabad, Pakistan

Pakistan’s premier accelerator, Invest2Innovate, believes in our mission and is helping us achieve what’s never been tried before

The team

A husband and wife duo who have a passion to conquer mountains, both real and imagined.

Mustafa is a recent Stanford University grad while Suniya is literally a rocket scientist with a PhD in aerospace engineering. They get strength from the many hardworking, industrious illiterate adults they meet every day.

Say Hello!

We’d love to hear from you. Any suggestions and feedback will help us serve the
illiterate better. Do drop us a line :)